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Celebrating Harry Potter in the Market

Just in time for the school holidays, Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop has assembled an accessible and extraordinary collection of children’s books for its latest exhibition Just For Kids??

The exhibition includes the most tantalising range of collectible Harry Potter books ever displayed in Adelaide.

“We’re always looking to do things a little differently,” says Pop-Up Bookshop owner Nicholas Patrick “and this exhibition could very well be the most exciting project we’ve undertaken yet.”

Mr Patrick claims that he and partner Kate Treloar want to reveal just how exciting the mysterious world of books can be by showcasing items that today’s children can relate to whilst also stirring the sense of nostalgia felt by the young-at-heart.

“Kate & I grew up with titles like Possum Magic and The BFG,” notes Mr Patrick. “They’re also the books our kids have grown up with; and they will continue to entertain and guide children for generations to come. They’ve been printed in their millions but the truly special editions don’t pop-up very often (even for people like us who scrutinise tens of thousands of books every week) and, when one does, it’s always genuinely thrilling.”

Just For Kids?? isn’t just an 80s flashback zone though with collectible editions of The Adventures of Tintin available for those with longer memories and, to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of The Philosopher’s Stone, an unprecedented array of Harry Potter books.

“The highlights within this collection are the hardcover copies of The Chamber Of Secrets and The Prisoner Of Azkaban that have been personally signed by J.K. Rowling,” states Mr Patrick. “Additionally, we have some early editions of The Philosopher’s Stone; some unusual deluxe editions; and genuine first editions of later Harry Potter titles.”

In line with their moniker, there will also be a large range of pop-up books including some incredibly rare regimental items from the early 1900s plus books by Roald Dahl, Graeme Base and a whole lot more.

‘We always stress that a book is more than just words on a page,” Mr Patrick states. “And with a mix of first editions, signed copies, pop-ups and special publications, we hope people will learn a bit about the value of real books and perhaps look at their own collections a little differently.”

Just For Kids?? runs through October in The Gallery Next Door, adjacent to the Pop-Up Bookshop on the Central Market’s Eastern Laneway.

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Bonjour Tintin

The second week of school holidays can be tough, with the initial rush of activities petering out into a seemingly continuous recording of “I’m bored!”

Enter that decades-long parental saviour Tintin who, together with his canine companion Snowy and a litany of genuine characters, has captured the imaginations of millions of children (and kids-at-heart) across the globe.

Bonjour Tintin is a celebration of this world-famous Belgian being hosted by Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop in their Central Market book gallery.

We love Tintin and knew the display would prove popular,” said Pop-Up Bookshop owner (and self-labelled entre-mature) Nick Patrick. “But the reaction we’ve had already has been mind-blowing!”

Bonjour Tintin showcases vintage Tintin Adventures from the 1950s & 60s, which, together with some more recent and new volumes, are available for purchase, plus a display of various Tintinalia (from the private collection of a local Tintinologist) for added interest.

Having opened amidst the fanfare of the Market’s Bastille Day celebrations last Friday night, Bonjour Tintin was an instant hit. We had a collector come in as soon as we opened and buy a couple of volumes and had hundreds of patrons come through, many of whom had come specifically to see some of the old-school editions,” said Nick.

Those “old-school editions” include the first English translations of five of Tintin’s Adventures and original French language volumes from the late 1950s and early 1960s, including a true first edition of Les Bijoux de la Castafiore (The Castafiore Emerald) from 1963.

Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop is located on the Eastern Roadway of the Central Market, near the Grote St entrance. Bonjour Tintin is in The Gallery Next Door (Australia’s only dedicated private book gallery) and will run until the end of July “unless someone comes in and buys all the books!”

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Winter 2017

Cometh the Winter, Popupeth the Bookshop

With the arrival of the cold weather, it is usual for creatures, including humans, to stay in and hibernate. But not us! Here are a few items of interest for your readership:


The Gallery Next Door – Australia’s only dedicated book exhibition space – is here to stay! We’ve taken over the lease on the shop next to us and will be presenting a variety of exhibitions and special events over the coming months. Just another reason why there’s no other book experience quite like our little bookshop.

JUNE – Books Ahoy! A collection of Maritime books

JULY – Tintin: A celebration of one of the world’s most beloved comic book characters

AUGUST – Indigenous Australians: So much to learn from the World’s oldest living civilisation.


James Joyce’s Ulysses is iconic for many reasons – its size, scope, language and themes have polarised experts and the common reader alike. But there is no denying that June 16 is the literary party of the year. (Ulysses takes place over the course of one day – June 16, 1904 – and largely follows the musings and Dublin wanderings of Leopold Bloom.) We’ll have a reading of the book playing in the background throughout the day as well as maps of Dublin and, of course, copies of the book itself available for sale.


Kate Treloar is the newest member of the Australian & New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB), Australia’s pre-eminent book organisation. Each year, the country’s finest booksellers, together with established international firms, converge on Melbourne for the Rare Book Fair – the culmination of Rare Book Week.

South Australia is generally under-represented due to the unimaginative and/or gutless nature of its bookselling community – this year, we’ll double the SA presence.


Christmas in July is well and truly hitting Adelaide with the second Alpine Village. We were delighted to take part in the inaugural 2016 event and are even happier now it will be staged in Victoria Square. Keep an eye out for us from July 16 to 23.


Our inaugural appearance at this wonderful market, located in the historic Queens Theatre.


This is the third annual event and our second time showcasing:

lots of books = lots of fun!