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Love Your Bookshop Day

Saturday 12th August 2017

Come and celebrate everything we love about bookshops!



We get feedback daily that people love Adelaide’s Pop-up Bookshop (awwww, shucks) but we would love you to show us you care this Love Your Bookshop Day. Here are some suggestions:

  1. VISIT our ever-changing Central Market store
  2. Bring a FRIEND with you
  3. Tell the world with a REVIEW at
  4. FOLLOW com/popup_bookshop &
  5. DONATE your books (bring in-store or contact for a free pick-up)
  6. Remember books – including secondhand ones – make PERFECT GIFTS
  7. TELL US your 3 favourite books – online, in person or handwritten note. We love hearing from customers!

xo N&K

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Melbourne [ANZAAB] Rare Book Fair


Next weekend (July 7-9), the country’s most prestigious booksellers will converge on Melbourne for the 45th Rare Book Fair – the culmination of Rare Book Week.

Kate Treloar, of Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop in the Central Market, is proud to be flying the flag for SA. In this debut appearance she will be one of only two South Australian booksellers exhibiting at this internationally recognised event.

Highlights from the Pop-Up Bookshop stall include collectible copies of classic works:

– a signed copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five

The Complete Works of H.G. Wells (28 volumes with the first volume signed by Wells);

– special editions of Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings

– deluxe copies of Don Quixote (Cervantes), The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

And, for those who still expect a shop full of pop-up books, a collection of particularly rare regimental books (circa 1900) with various pop-ups, pullouts and panoramic artwork!

If you’re in Melbourne, come say “hi” – if not, a message of support would do wonders for our nerves (this is actually a pretty big deal)!

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Winter 2017

Cometh the Winter, Popupeth the Bookshop

With the arrival of the cold weather, it is usual for creatures, including humans, to stay in and hibernate. But not us! Here are a few items of interest for your readership:


The Gallery Next Door – Australia’s only dedicated book exhibition space – is here to stay! We’ve taken over the lease on the shop next to us and will be presenting a variety of exhibitions and special events over the coming months. Just another reason why there’s no other book experience quite like our little bookshop.

JUNE – Books Ahoy! A collection of Maritime books

JULY – Tintin: A celebration of one of the world’s most beloved comic book characters

AUGUST – Indigenous Australians: So much to learn from the World’s oldest living civilisation.


James Joyce’s Ulysses is iconic for many reasons – its size, scope, language and themes have polarised experts and the common reader alike. But there is no denying that June 16 is the literary party of the year. (Ulysses takes place over the course of one day – June 16, 1904 – and largely follows the musings and Dublin wanderings of Leopold Bloom.) We’ll have a reading of the book playing in the background throughout the day as well as maps of Dublin and, of course, copies of the book itself available for sale.


Kate Treloar is the newest member of the Australian & New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB), Australia’s pre-eminent book organisation. Each year, the country’s finest booksellers, together with established international firms, converge on Melbourne for the Rare Book Fair – the culmination of Rare Book Week.

South Australia is generally under-represented due to the unimaginative and/or gutless nature of its bookselling community – this year, we’ll double the SA presence.


Christmas in July is well and truly hitting Adelaide with the second Alpine Village. We were delighted to take part in the inaugural 2016 event and are even happier now it will be staged in Victoria Square. Keep an eye out for us from July 16 to 23.


Our inaugural appearance at this wonderful market, located in the historic Queens Theatre.


This is the third annual event and our second time showcasing:

lots of books = lots of fun!

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Exhibitions Old & New

For those who haven’t been, there are only a couple weeks left to view #FirstThingsFirst – the exhibition of First Edition books on display next to Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop in the Central Market.

“The highlight has certainly been the uncommon first printing of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four,” said co-owner Nick Patrick, “but with special books like Winnie-The-Pooh, To Kill A Mockingbird, Catch-22 and numerous others, it is a collection that has caught the eye of many passers-by.”

All is not lost for booklovers unable to meet the March 31 deadline marking the end of #FirstThingsFirst with a new exhibition of inscribed and autographed books  – entitled #Signed by #PopUp_Bookshop – ready to be displayed in April.

“It’s about showcasing the tangible qualities of books,” Mr Patrick said. “We have much more than just books signed by their authors, including a copy of Candy signed by Heath Ledger, Tenzing Norgay’s inscribed autobiography and the handwritten medical casebooks of New Zealand’s first Professor of Medicine.”

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

March – #FirstThingsFirst

April – #Signed

May – Transport Yourself With Books [in conjunction with the SA History Festival]

Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop is located on the Eastern Roadway in the Central Market.

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Popping Up @ WOMADelaide 2017

What an amazing experience!

WOMADelaide is most definitely a world-class event and probably the single best spectacle on Adelaide’s significant Festival calendar. This year we were privileged to take part and provide our own piece of literary culture to an event that oozes culture. From the feedback we received, there are plenty of regular attendees who would like us to become a WOMAD mainstay… watch this space!