What to do when you've too many books.

We selectively purchase for our store and accept genuine donations

Sell Your Books

We're just like you - we only buy books we really like. Generally that means highly-regarded literature; edgy (very recent) modern fiction; cult classics; iconic genre titles; and other random, stunningly beautiful or irresistibly fascinating books.

Positively not mass-market. 

Please call to arrange an appointment for us to assess your books - it can be done in-store or we can come to you (for larger collections).

What To Expect

Kids: 50c-$2

Paperbacks: $1-$4

Hardcovers: $3-$8

Every book is appraised individually and we are particularly interested in collectible or specialist books. Our offer will be approximately one-third that of our anticipated initial resale price. We rarely sell books on commission.

Your Support Is Appreciated

Bookshops make a valuable contribution to your community and, whilst it is very nice to "Buy Local", we recognise that "Donating Local" can be just as valuable. If you would like to support a small local business, please donate your books - all donations are gratefully accepted and can be made at any time during opening hours (Tue-Sat from 9am).

Bring your books in or have us come to you

Our Central Market store is open Tues-Sat from 9am and you are welcome to bring a small number of books for us to view at anytime (currently the first hour of parking above the Market is free, which is convenient). However, please be aware we occasionally have staff running the shop so arranging an approximate time with us is preferable. For larger collections (100+ books), please contact us to arrange a free home visit.