The Simpson Desert Expedition – Madigan


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The Scientific Reports of the 1939 Simpson Desert Expedition were published in the following Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of South Australia: Volume 68, Part 1; Volume 69, Part 1; Volume 70, Parts 1 and 2 and Volume 72, Part 1 (printed variously from 1944 to 1948).

This book is a compilation of these Reports, bound for and used by the Geology Department of the University of Adelaide.

The blue boards contain the eight reports in the series and the preceding introduction by C.T.Madigan (who oversaw the expedition) each of which were individually published and maintain their original papered wraps.


Thus, it contains:

MADIGAN, C.T.: Introduction, Narrative, Physiography and Meteorology (22 pages plus 10 images on 5 plates and a large detailed folding map, 535 x 395 mm);

[1st Report] HICKMAN, V.V.: Biology РScorpions and Spiders (31 pages including 3 illustrations);

[2nd Report] CARROLL, D.: Geology – Desert Sands (11 pages plus one plate);

[3rd Report] KINGHORN, J.R.: Biology – Reptiles and Batrachians (7 pages);

[4th Report] MUSGRAVE, A.: Biology – Hemiptera (2 pages);

[5th Report] WHITLEY, G.P.: Biology – Fishes (4 pages);

[6th Report] MADIGAN, C.T.: Geology – the Sand Formations (19 pages with illustrations plus 8 images on 4 plates);

[7th Report] EARDLEY, C.M.: Botany. Part I: Catalogue of Plants (30 pages plus 11 images on 3 plates). Part II: The Phytogeography of some important Sandridge Deserts compared with that of the Simpson Desert (29 pages with a preceding foldout map);

[8th Report] CROCKER, R.L.: The Soils and Vegetation of the Simpson Desert and its borders (24 pages plus 15 images on 6 plates and a folding map, 300 x 325 mm).