Slaughterhouse-five [New Folio Society]


One of the greatest anti-war novels ever written, this masterpiece from Kurt Vonnegut expertly juggles satire and science-fiction

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Kurt Vonnegut’s black satiric voice exposes the cruelties and aberrations of the human condition in a book that takes its place alongside All Quiet on the Western Front and Catch-22 as one of the greatest anti-war novels ever written.

  • Introduced by John Sutherland
  • Bound in buckram printed with a design by John Holder
  • Set in Utopia with Futura display
  • 7 full-page colour paintings by John Holder
  • 192 pages
  • 9½” x 6¼”

*This is a new book, still in the Publisher’s plastic

On the night of 13 February 1945, Vonnegut was a POW sheltering in an underground abattoir as British night bombers destroyed Dresden. Miraculously he survived but it would be more than twenty years before he would write about the full horror of the city’s decimation and its aftermath. In a brilliant blend of science fiction, history and memoir Slaughterhouse-Five tells the surreal story of Billy Pilgrim. Billy has ‘come unstuck in time’ and finds himself catapulted between his experience as an American GI in Nazi Germany, his post-war life as a successful optometrist and his capture by aliens who imprison him on the planet Tralfamadore where, as well as being welcomed into the pneumatic bosom of former Earthling starlet Montana Wildhack, he discovers that time, like death, is illusory.