Ruslan of Malaysia: The Man Behind the Domino That Didn’t Fall


By Roy Davis Linwood Jumper

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  • CDR, South Padre Island, Texas, 2007
  • Card covers (paperback), a very good copy
  • “The life story of a courageous Englishman who conceived the plan to arm Orang Asli tribesmen to fight communism in the Anglo-Malayan Emergency, converted to Islam and then with renewed zeal and singular focus in a bloody sequel, the shadowy Second Emergency, led his troopers into the country’s jungle interior killing the insurgents one-by-one. In sum, this book makes the effort necessary to secure for posterity Ruslan’s many accomplishments. Through it others may, now that Malaysia is after years of struggle strong and well on the way to being an advanced, fully developed country, know him as the man behind the domino that didn’t fall. By comparison when one considers the buckets of blood that drenched Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, there but by the merciful all-knowing will of Allah, through Ruslan, goes Malaysia.”