New Zealand Stud Book [Race Horses]

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The New Zealand Stud Book Containing Pedigrees Of Race Horses From The Earliest Accounts To The Year 1899 (Inclusive).

Issued Under The Authority Of The New Zealand Racing Conference.

Volume 1 (1900) – the first such book issued by the NZRC.

Compiled by Mr W.H.E. Wanklyn with the assistance of Sir George Clifford.

The first New Zealand Stud Book was compiled by Charles Elliot in 1862 and a further 9 volumes were printed. Our book is the first of a new series (which persists today) that built upon Elliot’s work in a more comprehensive fashion. This first volume is very uncommon and ours is in excellent condition, with half-leather over patterned green boards.

264 printed pages containing List of Brood Mares; List of Stallions; Arab Stallions; Extended Pedigrees; an Erratum; Addenda and a separate errata slip.