Junius [3 vols, 1812]


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From April 1767 to May 1772 an unknown author penned a series of scathing, erudite and potentially libellous letters to the Public Advertiser which were printed under the assumed pseudonym Junius.

Forty years later, these letters were copied and put into these three volumes, together with some of Junius’ private correspondence with his printer, Mr H.S.Woodfall and Mr John Wilkes, a radical Member of Parliament at the time.

They provide a fascinating account of England and its political turmoil at the time by a person whose identity remains unknown (although a number of people to whom his personage had been attributed are listed in vol 1).

The books themselves are in wonderful condition – quarter-leather over plain boards with facsimile fold-outs of some of Junius’ letters and various seals used in perfect order. The outer hinges are starting to crack on volumes 1&3 but are still very sound. An excellent set published by Rivington et al in 1812.