Codename Iago [Richard Flanagan, SIGNED]


By Richard Flanagan [Ghostwriter]

A signed copy of a notoriously scarce book

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The autobiography of one of Australia’s most notorious conmen, John Friedrich, this book is renowned for two things:

  1. Friedrich’s sensational but unsubstantiated revelations (most notably his employment as a CIA operative); and
  2. His employment of a young Tasmanian writer by the name of Richard Flanagan to assist with the publication.

Richard Flanagan, now a highly decorated author (including winner of The Booker Prize for The Narrow Road To The Deep North in 2014), lent on this experience for his novel First Person, which details the trials of a ghostwriter and his criminal subject…

This paperback is the only edition of Codename Iago that was published (shortly after Friedrich’s death) and is in very good condition.

A scarce item, signed by Flanagan on title page.