Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang [complete in 3 volumes]


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Ian Fleming is best known for his James Bond novels yet few people would not have heard about this magical flying car. Written whilst in hospital recovering from his first heart attack, these books were released separately to allow the illustrator, John Burningham, time to complete them. Because of this, all three volumes list the other two in the list of Fleming’s works on the copyright page, even though, in the cases of vols 1&2, the succeeding book(s) were yet to be released. Fleming died before the third and final volume was published.

Volumes 1&2 published in 1964; Volume 3 in 1965 by Jonathan Cape. Genuine first editions.

Our copies each have their dustjackets but are notably flawed – we have provided numerous pictures to show these blemishes. Overall, this is a very good but worn set of highly collectible and uncommon books.

(Fun fact: the screenplay for the 1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie was written by Roald Dahl.)

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