Australians At Home


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Fully titled: Australians At Home; A Documentary History Of Australian Domestic Interiors From 1788 To 1914

This pioneering work by Terence Lane & Jessie Serle is compared to Mario Praz’s Illustrated History Of Interior Decoration, Peter Thornton’s Authentic Decor and Harold L. Peterson’s Americans At Home as a comprehensive and unprecedented survey of early Australian homes.

“Using over 500 contemporary and largely unknown illustrations, and drawing heavily on accounts written at the time, they peer into tree house, tent, bark hut, mansion and vice-regal residence.” [from the blurb]

There are comparisons made with contemporary styles overseas making this book the quintessential record of Australian domestic interiors for both the general reader and specialist alike.

Our copy is in mint condition and is still housed in the postal box with which it was supplied.

Published by Oxford University Press (Melbourne), 1990.

ISBN: 0 19 553128 0 / 0195531280