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Celebrating 5 Years in the Central Market

On Friday, May 1, 2015 we opened our doors for the first time in the Adelaide Central Market. It was to become our home and, as lifelong “Market People”, our excitement was palpable. Since then, every hope for our little bookshop has come to fruition as we have grown to know and appreciate so many more of you in our Market community.

It was certainly a very sad day last month when, for the health of those around us, we decided to temporarily close our bookshop, bunker down and try our best to combat the coronavirus pandemic. That fight continues and we remain vigilant in regard to our responsibilities*.

However, with South Australians providing such an amazing example of social awareness, we feel there is an opportunity for us to open our door once more and celebrate an incredible part of our lives with you.

Please join us as Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop and Orchard Bookshop open for one day only [at this stage]:

FRIDAY MAY 1, 2020

Hours: 8am to 7pm

*We will insist on certain restrictions in line with social distancing and hygiene regulations, eg hand sanitizer upon entry; no more than two customers in sale room at any one time; no more than 7 customers in main store at any one time; 15-minute time limit; 1.5m separation between customers; etc