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$1 Book Sale

Are you sick of those “sales” that scream “1/2 price!” or “147% Off ALL Items*… *except the stuff you want”

Well here’s something you can take to the bank… until further notice, all the books on the PopUp Bookshop shelves are currently priced at just $1 [One Dollar] each!!

Now, we’re not saying these are the cream of the crop, Orchard-style books we’re renowned for, but in this biz we sometimes end up with more than we require. And, whilst it can perhaps be argued there are many books that should never have been published, we’re always very reticent to send any to the recycling bin.

There ARE bargains-aplenty

There ARE some great titles

This IS something in which to bury oneself

Come and immerse yourself in quantity, and, while you’re here, check out the supreme quality next-door at Orchard Bookshop… happy fossicking!! xo N&K