Sell Your Books To Us

In order to maintain our uniquely curated collection, we purchase selectively (ie pick out the books we want – we rarely make offers “on the lot”) and focus on books held in high literary regard.

[From a fiction perspective, think Hemingway, Austen, Orwell, Murakami, Kafka, Tolstoy, Woolf, Munro, Atwood, Tolkien, Bukowski, Camus, Roald Dahl, Kerouac, Plath, Primo Levi, Calvino, Gaiman, Borges, Cormac McCarthy, Dickinson, etc.]

Other broad areas of particular interest are Science, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Children’s Books, Philosophy, Art, Indigenous Australiana, Pop-Up Books, Natural History, Antiquarian, Fine Bindings (eg Folio Society, Easton Press, Golden Cockerel Press), Geology, Foreign Language (esp. for children), Books About Language, Latin Texts & Ancient Classics.

For larger collections (minimum 100 books), we’re happy to come to you but if the amount is more manageable, please check that Nick or Kate will be available and come to our Central Market store (currently the car park above the Market has free parking for the first hour).

Here’s What to Expect

Kids Books: 50c-$2

Paperbacks: $1-$3

Hardcovers: $3-$6

Higher prices will be offered for Specialised Non-Fiction, Antiquarian or Collectible items.

Donate Your Books To Us

We gratefully accept any donations of books to help keep our little bookshop viable in these difficult times.

To avoid any awkwardness, please make it clear that you are donating your books.

Again, for larger collections we are happy to pick up from you but for more manageable quantities, please bring to our Central Market store any time during opening hours. [And a huge “Thankyou!” in advance.]

thepopupbookshop@gmail.comClick here

Call Us

0402 344 690 (Kate); 0401 973 818 (Nick)


Adelaide Central Market
Eastern Roadway, near Grote St
Other authors/titles of interest: Shaun Tan, Asterix, Tintin, Coetzee, Winton, Charles Darwin, Phillip K. Dick, Asimov, Alice In Wonderland, Sendak, Nabokov, Dostoevsky, Alain de Botton, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, Norman Lindsay, Atget, Charles Blackman, Naomi Klein, Anais Nin, Little Prince, de Beauvoir, Sartre, Zizek, Oliver Jeffers, Mem Fox, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, Dombrovskis, Durer, Dali, Leibovitz, Sontag, John Berger, Escher, Bosch, Jared Diamond, Raymond Chandler, Jim Thompson, Dashiell Hammett, John Fante, Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Pamuk, Dune, Brave New World, Clockwork Orange, To Kill A Mockingbird, Catch-22, Lord Of The Flies, Catcher In The Rye, Steinbeck, Maus, Alan Moore, Lemony Snickett, Grimm Fairy Tales, Foucault, Freud, Jung, Verne, Jack London, Picasso, Ulysses,