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Les Librairies de Paris

Wow. Obviously we’re into books, so it’s understandable that we would seek out some bookshops when we’re out and about. But Paris is incredible!

Having spent some time a couple years back, we knew a little but today we weren’t even looking for bookshops and just kept tripping over them. Yes, we visited Shakespeare & Co, and Les Bouquinistes on the Seine but barely a street exists, it would seem, without a bookseller tending their stock. C’est magnifique!


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Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

It may be hard for us to fathom, being over the other side of the world, but books are still huge in Europe. The Frankfurt Book Fair is bigger than big – they say 200,000 people come through the doors over the five days and, with thousands of exhibitors, there’s plenty to see. There are shuttle buses and travelators to get you between halls and an energy that fizzes through every door.

Highlights? The variety and beauty of the kids books and graphic novels from France and the energy and forward-thinking of Canongate CEO Jamie Byng (we’ll see if this influences what you find in our pop-ups).

There is certainly plenty to look forward to in the world of books…

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Amsterdam Bookshops

Just a handful of bookshops (boekhandels) we frequented in Amsterdam. The architecture really lends itself to some adorable shopfronts. Considering the long, historically significant connection the Dutch have with the printed word, it may be worth considering which came first – bookshops to suit the architecture, or buildings made for bookshops?


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Spui Book Market

Headed to Amsterdam’s biggest weekly book market today. Every Friday more than 25 booksellers come to ply their trade in a square surrounded by big bricks-and-mortar bookshops. The major permanent shops are huge – the three-storey American Book Center and multinational chainstore Waterstones – but they provide a good new-book backdrop to the second-hand market.

It’s always interesting to see how things are done and we picked up a few bits & pieces that we can adapt to our own events.

As with most markets of this type, the selection is uninspiring with most stalls presenting a random assortment of pretty average fare. The exception was a stall devoted largely to sexually-explicit books and posters. Considering the overly negative response our Pop-ups received from Adelaide City Council, the pornbook stall could go either way in Adelaide… probably not our thing 😉